eSharely Mobile Application
Redesigning the Consumer Rebate Module user experience and creating a prototype for the product.
Role: UX/UI Design Intern
Timeline: June 2017- August 2017
Project Description
I discovered a need for an app like eSharely when I realized that I needed a few household items for a short period. Buying these items was not an option for me as I did not have enough storage space for them in my condo. I have also seen many of my friends, who wish they could have temporary access to a variety of items. For my final project at Interactive Media Management program, I decided to create an application that would allow users to rent items from others.
Here is the link to the eSharely prototype
Some of the problems that I faced in considering this project were:
Some of the items that people need for short term are expensive to buy
There is no easy and convenient way to borrow items for short term use
Often times there is not enough room at home to store many items
eSharely is a peer to peer mobile application which allows users to rent out their belongings, such as tools, home appliances, leisure related items, etc. Users will be interested in such a service because it allows them to earn money by renting items that are just sitting around their home. Additionally, users are able to save money by renting items for short term periods, rather than purchasing them.
I started this project by conducting a comparative analysis to get a sense of the potential competitors on the market and also to determine a set of user experience best practices for products of this nature.
During the comparative analysis, I was able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. This allowed me to consider the most critical features of my product: the transaction process, user's feedback, and the registration process.

Some of the Main Comparative in Market

The potential users of eSharely are varied. However, I focused on three main groups of people: students who cannot afford to buy many expensive items, immigrants, and people who live in small homes.

eSharely Personas

User Flow
Once I had a sense of eSharely’s users and its main features, I was able to create a user flow in order to help me see the big picture of the user experience.

eSharely User Flow

Paper Prototype and Usability Testing
After determining the overall user flow, I decided to create paper prototypes in order to test the app with potential users. The usability tests were focused on:

The user’s ability to find the desired item
The ability to filter options
The ability to see the location of the item on the map

Through the testing process, I found that users had problems with certain aspects of the design. As a result, I ended up altering specific parts of the app to make it align with the majority of users’ needs. 

General Overview of User Testing

Content Strategy and Voice and Tone
The content strategy and voice and tone of eSharely was done in such a way to ensure that eSharely has the voice of a trustworthy next-door neighbor. A neighbor that you can depend on and trust with your belongings. When you knock on their door to borrow something, you can trust they'll always be glad to help and offer you the best of what they have. The content was designed to let users know that eSharely wants to help them whenever they are in need of something.

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