Brands for Canada Social Media Strategy
My team and I developed a social media strategy for Brands for Canada.

Role: Social Media Strategist
Timeline: September 2016 - January 2017
Goal: Help Brands for Canada increase their awareness and establish themselves as a nonprofit organization using social media.

Instagram Sample Post for Brands for Canada

Project Description
After rebranding in 2015, Brands for Canada(BFC) did not have a well-established platform that helps them raise awareness in order to connect them to more sponsors and clients. The main goal of this project was to help BFC to tell their story using social media.
Brands for Canada did not have a well-established brand identity. Brands for Canada was not seen as a charity. 
Brands for Canada needed a way to tell their story. The focus of this project was to help Brands for Canada use social media more effectively to increase awareness of their brand and their mission to alleviate poverty and empower individuals.
The project started with an analysis and assessment of Brands for Canada’s current use of social media. That was followed by producing a competitive analysis that helped recommend best practices, authorize personas, and perform a social media audit which concluded the research.

Competitive Analysis and Social Media Audit

Based on the information we got from the client personas has been developed.

Brands for Canada Personas

Social Media Content Strategy
Based on the research we had done Instagram was one of the best options among other social media platform for Brands for Canada. Thus, we focused on Instagram and helped BFC increase awareness by using Instagram and its features such as the Instagram story, using hashtags, and etc. 
Other Deliverables
There were a few meetings with the client and weekly reports were sent to the client in order to inform them about the process. The following was delivered to Brands for Canada: 
Social Media Strategy which included: 
Social Media 101 to help them how to use social media, increase the number of followers and attract sponsors with social media posts.
Social Media Campaign Concept and Editorial Calendar to show them what kind of posts will encourage followers to join their campaign.
Social media sample post as a reference.

The Social Media Strategy and other deliverables were presented to the Brands for Canada representatives at the end of the project.

Brands for Canada Editorial Calendar

Brands for Canada Instagram Sample Post

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